Workshop Exotic Hard by Sasha Meow | 28 May 2017

Do you love exotic pole and combining exotic flow with poletricks and more acrobatic floorwork? Then attend this workshop! Sasha will teach you a challenging choreography on music with a distinctive rhythm, so you will learn how to use different accents. Become an exotic queen!

Sasha Meow is known for her effortless exotic flow combined with some nice tricks in the pole. She is also an instructor at Feel Good Pole Dance & Workout studio in Riga, Latvia, brandambassor for Paradise Chick en Sparkle Heels and winner of different competitions such as Pole Theatre UK, Pole Star, Pole Art Baltic Cup and many more. Check out her Instagram for here awesome style:

This workshop is at intermediate/advanced level. Make sure you have dancing heels and kneepads with you.

When: Sunday 28th of May 2017
Time: 15:30-17:00
Instructor: Sasha Meow
Price: € 59,-
Location: PDFA - Noord

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