PDFA | Pole dancing Amsterdam 

Come pole dancing in the largest and most modern pole dance studio in Amsterdam. The Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam is the first studio in the Netherlands which has brass poles and both beginner and advanced students will feel like kids in a candy store with our 15, 4.5m high poles! We offer a variety of classes and whether you’re here to have some fun; to improve strength and/or flexibility; to train for competitions or to feel more feminine…anything is possible at the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam.

Besides pole dance classes, our studio offers aerial silks and aerial hoop classes. With aerial silks you’ll use long suspended strips of fabric to practice aerial acrobatics like graceful tricks and drops. During the class we’ll focus on learning techniques in a safe and responsible way. With aerial hoop you will learn various techniques to enter and exit from the hoop. Learn how to make beautiful poses, turns and transitions in the hoop along with conditioning strength and flexibility exercises. Both disciplines are a completely different challenge than pole, and definitely worth trying!

Finally, our studio offers Artistic yoga classes. This is a dynamic flow that combines strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination. During the class we work in a flow of asanas executed at the rhythm of the breath, towards a final routine synchronized with music. Artistic yoga is the expression of beauty that emerges from within.

Feel welcome to come by for a trial class and experience the dynamic and friendly atmosphere of the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam.

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